Croton-on-Hudson EMS

Providing 911 ambulance services to Croton-on-Hudson and limited surrounding areas.


Current News:


Volunteer Duty Hours

Calls for Service

Jan 2014 395 52
Feb 2014 311 46
Mar 2014 429 55
Apr 2014 518 56
May 2014 634 59
June 2014 712 68
July 2014 472 72
Aug 2014 336 62
Sept 2014 338 63
Oct 2014 439 55
Nov 2014 589 43
Dec 2014 836 49
Jan 2015 1146 72
Feb 2015 885 51
Mar 2015 869 54
Apr 2015 647 61
May 2015
1182 81
June 2015
1114 73


Updated: July 14, 2015

In Memory Of:

Croton Emergency Medical Services (CEMS)

Croton-on-Hudson Emergency Medical Services provides ambulance service to the Village of Croton-on-Hudson and Mt. Airy and Quaker Bridge Fire Protection Districts, in the Town of Cortlandt. Croton EMS responds to over 700 calls per year.

Your Commitment

Croton-on-Hudson Emergency Medical Services is a volunteer organization, assisted by Paid Staffing. That means that although there is always one paid EMT/Driver on duty 24/7, they require a volunteer EMT or Driver to complete a crew. Much of the time, the Paid staff does not need to crew the ambulance, due to the presence to of a volunteer EMT and Driver.

From Our President

It takes a special breed to of person to leave their families and events to go help their fellow neighbors. Croton EMS is a young organization only existing for eight years. Our members age from 18 to 64, all working together for our cause. Croton EMS meets every Wednesday to do Rig Checks and every second Thursday for monthly administrative meetings.

We have two classes of Membership. The first is hourly where the member works a minimum of 24 hours a month. The second is those that respond to calls via pager. Pager members must respond to 7% Pagers Calls for the Year. Croton EMS averages 700+ calls a year.

Croton EMS is a Family that has the same problem of every real family that to comes together to complete the Common Goal to get the Ambulances out.

What you get out of Croton EMS is what you put into Croton EMS … the satisfaction of helping your fellow man in their time of need. You will see everything from Birth to Death and every call in between.

Our Headquarters are at 44 Wayne St. And our Ambulances are Stationed next store at 30 Wayne St the Harmon FH.

We offer free training from First Aid and CPR to EMT and classes for driving the Ambulance. We are very Community oriented by also covering Standbys anything for football games, Boy Scouts to eagle fest and the multiple marathons held in the Village.



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